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I always believed that innovative common-sense solutions are the key to solving most problems. There is an easier and smarter way to do things but this almost always requires a paradigm shift. The resistance of new ideas and willful blindness to problems can eventually lead to failure.  I have an innate ability to tackle problems by thinking outside the box every day...

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Our services

Some of our many services include:

- Investigative Strategies / Services for the Banking Industry

- StreetSmarts for Women 1-2 Hr.

- The "3C Protocol" a new innovative response to a Mumbai Style/Active Shooter attack for Hotels and businesses.

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About Harry Houck

President Houck Consulting, LLC

- VP at Citibank
- Detective 1st Grade at New York City Police Department
- Owner/President at Houck Protective Services 
- Patrolman at Irvington Police Department
- Sgt. at USMC

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Street Smarts For College Age Women

“Street Smarts for College Women”

is designed to educate young, college women in the art of becoming street-smart and to instruct them on how to avoid putting themselves in dangerous situations.

News of college age women being attacked and missing has become more apparent. As a retired NYPD First Grade Detective and security expert for over 30 years, I have developed a program using the knowledge I have gained from investigating hundreds of attacks on young women.

The first years that young women are away from home can be very trying.  No longer under the guidance of their parents they alone are responsible for their safety.  It is very important for them to understand that it is a very dangerous world; and not knowing how to react or recognize dangerous situations can put their lives in jeopardy.
I guarantee this lecture will significantly reduce their chances of becoming a victim and save lives.


Identifying dangerous situations and  how to avoid them.

Recognizing certain actions by others that signal danger.

Protecting each other when out.

Listening to internal survival instincts.

The warning signs of dangerous men.

Protecting your friends who leave with someone they don’t know.

Identity Theft.

Con Games and Fraud.

And much more

This lecture is for women only and a must for anyone living on their own for the first time.

A program for young men is also available.

If you’re interested in making this lecture part of your schools orientation program or just want further information please contact me.

Street Smarts for College Women. You prepare them academically; let me prepare them to protect themselves in a dangerous world.

Street Smarts for College Prep. Women. Preparing your Senior Graduates: You prepared them academically now let me prepare them to protect themselves in a dangerous world.



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