Regulation E and Unauthorized ATM Transactions, Identifying the Fraudulent Client.

A one-hour lecture covering the basics of my unique and innovative fraud investigation process.

The following is information will be covered:

Developing an investigative acumen

How to identify newly developed patterns of activity consistent with client fraud.

Interview and investigative techniques

Using Regulation E to its full potential

Identifying client based fraud within 95% accuracy.

Using the Internet to help you deny a claim.

Review of actual case histories using this investigative process

Preponderance of the evidence is required to deny a claim. What is it and how do we attain it?

Denying claims without increasing your presidential complaints or sacrificing customer service or the client experience.

Articulating your denial position

Your return on this lecture will be almost immediate in denying one claim that you would have honored before the lecture.

COST: $1200. Plus expenses