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Counter-Terrorism Security Officer Training


Security Officer | Private Investigations New YorkA security training course will be specifically developed for your personnel. It will focus on counter-terrorism awareness. Identifying an attack in its planning stage is the key. It is essential that your security personnel need to identify behavior that are consistent with a terrorist reconnoitering your location. This basic course of instruction will teach your security how to identify that behavior.

We offer two types of training blocks:

1. Two – Two-Hour training blocks for Security Personnel.  
COST $1300. Plus expenses.

2. We realize that some companies have limited time available for their personnel. Therefore, we have a two-hour block of instruction that also covers the same information in less detail.  
COST: $700. Plus expenses.

All training consists of the following:

• How to identify suspicious and/or unusual behavior.

• Types of suspicious and unusual behavior and what they mean.

• How to approach and question someone without offending them when suspicious behavior has been identified. (You don’t want to offend a hotel guest)

• Reading body language.

• How to react to an active shooter incident.

• IED and VBIED awareness providing exposure to key elements of the improvised explosive device (IED) threat, surveillance detection methods and soft target awareness to help deter, prevent, detect and protect against an IED attack.

• Suicide Bomber awareness and detection.

I also recommend quarterly training for your security personnel. New information is being uncovered daily, and they should be updated with a one-hour lecture every quarter.

Each one (1) hour quarterly training session will cover a new topic and an update on what’s new in hotel security techniques and terrorism awareness.



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