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An innovative common-sense approach to significantly reduce your ATM client based fraud exposure while staying in compliance with Regulation E” My private investigation NYC course reveals a proven method and if followed correctly is guaranteed to reduce your ATM fraud losses.

If your ATM fraud denial rate is in the single digits, your financial institution is more vulnerable than you think.

Is your interpretation of the Regulation incorrect?

Have you created an atmosphere where your investigators are afraid to deny a claim?

Do fraudsters specifically target your institution because of your flawed investigative policy?

McKinsey & Company, a strategic consultant for Financial Services commented that my investigative process should be “Best Practices in Banking," and no other Financial Institution today has such a process.

As a former VP for Citibank managing a Fraud Investigation Unit for eight years, I combined both my investigative acumen developed as a retired 1st Grade NYPD Detective specializing in financial crimes with my banking experience in loss prevention. I then developed, instituted and managed a new ATM Fraud Investigation process.  By using this newly developed process. My Unit saved Citibank tens of millions of dollars every year. This was so successful that I was asked to change the entire investigative process for Citibank countrywide.

I identified patterns of activity consistent with client based fraud and developed investigative techniques. By looking at these patterns an account can be branded for investigation. This resulted in an 85% accuracy rate of identifying whether the client is somehow involved in the fraud and if the claim should be denied or honored.

The proven results you can expect with my implemented strategy that is now utilized at Citibank:

A denial rate of over 40% for claims over $1,500.00(We found at this threshold 40% of claims were fraudulent)

No increase in OCC complaints

No increase in Presidential complaints

No judgments against the bank for violation of Regulation E

12-time return on investment annually

Millions of dollars in denials annually

This 12 x return on investment is four times the industry standard in these types of claims. These are “hard” saves, real money, denying fraudulent clients re-imbursement. I am an expert in this field and have the track-record to prove it.

I combine unique problem-solving with profound technical knowledge and strong execution to help clients achieve success in reducing their fraud loss exposure.

If these results interest you and your financial institution, I suggest that you consult with your Loss Prevention Group to ascertain what their denial rate for Debit Card PIN Based  ATM transactions above $1000.00 is. If it’s in the single digits, your institution is losing millions of dollars and making it more vulnerable every time it honors such a claim.

Please contact me for a complimentary presentation explaining how this proven process will save your institution millions of dollars every year.



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