STUDENT GUARD: A psychological dividend and peace of mind


Students | Private Investigation NYCDo you have a child going to college or moving to New York City alone for the first time?

Often children are afraid to contact their parents in the event of a problem. They are away from home and have no one they can trust.  They may even be afraid to contact their school or employer due to some unknown fears.  This could result in them making unwise decisions that may be harmful to their future or health.

If you live hundreds of miles away and an emergency or a situation occurs you will need someone to respond locally and quickly that you/they can trust.  Someone who knows the ins and outs of the city, how it runs and someone you/they can depend on.  Someone who can get them the help or give them the advice they require quickly 24 hours a day seven days a week.

We can stay in contact with you giving you the most up to date information and the facts on what is really going on.  Information you can rely on.

In my 25 years as a NYPD Detective the resources that I have developed are worth their weight in gold. No matter what the situation is I have faced it before and know how to respond to it in a clear decisive manner keeping you and your child’s interest in focus.

We will also spend a day teaching them on how to safely navigate the streets and the art of becoming street smart.

There are two student guard programs.

1.      Parents are only notified in the event of a life threatening issue. The student will then know that confidentially will be maintained therefore they will reach out to this company for help.

2.      Parents are notified for every issue that arises or just those issues agreed upon by both parents and child.

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